Sunday, 17 June 2012

How to Flash Galaxy Y with Original Stock ROM or Firmware

How to Flash Galaxy Y with Original Stock ROM

steps to flash galaxy y with original stock rom
There would be many times , when you’ll require to flash Galaxy Y with original Stock ROM [Original Gingerbread Version] . Suppose you tried to tweak some system setting’s in your smartphone and by mistake you did it in a wrong way , then most probably you will brick your Galaxy Smartphone .
Playing with system files require “Rooting” of device , which voids the warranty . So, now you can not take Galaxy Y to any samsung service center[Due to rooting] . The only option left , to make your phone alive is “Flashing” . If your phone’s bricked due to any system file then most probably you can fix your bricked phone yourself .

What is Flashing Actually ?

We use boot-able CD’s in the case of PC to install OS [operating system] . But in case of Android smartphones we need flashing to install Android .

Requirements to Flash Galaxy Y with Official Android OS

  1. Odin For Galaxy Y – Odin V1.85
  2. Original Stock ROM or Original Firmware For Galaxy Y
Thanks to Docky73 from XDA , he has collected a list of original stock ROM’s for Galaxy Y with country specifications , you can download according to your country. CLICK HERE to download specific Stock ROM’s for your Galaxy Y .


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